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List of DITA Consultants

When I was updating the Companies Using DITA listing I made a point of double-checking the type of firm claiming to use DITA. I discovered that I had a number of firms listed were in fact in the business of DITA consulting, and so aided their clients in moving to DITA, and realized that these… Read More

March 23rd SDIG Meeting/Webinar: Specializing for Simplicity, DITA for Hardware and How Much Do You Need an Information Architect?

The March SDIG meeting/webinar (happening today, March 23rd!) will be an open discussion on these topics: • Specializing for Simplicity • Can you really use DITA for Hardware? • Do you really need an Information Architect? The meeting will start at 8:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time. Phone bridge: 916-356-2663, Bridge: 2, Passcode: 4718579 Live Meeting:… Read More

“DITA Quick Start” from SlideShare.net

While it doesn’t get as much publicity as multimedia-based sites like YouTube, I often find interesting presentation on a variety of subject (like Information Architecture, Technical Writing,  Localization, and of course DITA) from SlideShare.net. The following is a good summary of the basics of DITA by Selvakumar T.S. from Cadence. At 60 pages it belies… Read More