Presentation(s) at DITA Europe 2010

DITA Europe 2010 banner
DITA Europe 2010 banner

I’ll be doing one, maybe two presentations at the DITA Europe 2010 Conference happening in Vienna, Austria next week.

The presentation titled “(Almost) Four Years On: Metrics, ROI, and other stories from a mature DITA CMS installation” is basically an update to the presentation I gave at the DITA Conference in Santa Clara earlier this year, and addressing some questions that came up last time on the re-use model that we use.

I’ve also cobbled together a second presentation on DITA and localization that I have offered to the conference as a “placeholder” in case someone drops out. (At the last conference at least a couple of presenters had to drop out because of the volcano eruption in Iceland stopping them from flying over the Atlantic to get to California. Hopefully nothing as dramatic as that will happen again, but if for some reason a person does drop out, I will fill in).

While there I also plan on providing updates and any insights that I pick up from the other presenters.

Of course, I am also going to be in Vienna, which I am greatly looking forward to! Music, Mozart, and marzipan as well as other wonderful sights, sounds and tastes that do not lend themselves as easily to alliteration.

If you are attending, please ping me and perhaps we can meet up while there.


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