DITA Company Listing Mk. III

Companies Using DITA, Mk. III
Companies Using DITA, Mk. III
Following the last article here that looked at the worldwide distribution of the firms and organizations that are using DITA, I have just re-launched an expanded version of the Companies Using DITA page that includes the geographic location of the city and country for a given organization’s HQ. There are now almost 250 companies listed, covering a wide span of industrial sectors, from software firms to semiconductor companies, academic institutions, NGOs, oil conglomerates, health care technology producers, telecommunications equipment manufactures and just about any other major sector you can think of.

With the addition of the geographic information for each firm/organization, you can now look for firms close to where you live that use DITA. This is great information if you are doing a job search, or if you are wondering whether or not there are enough people in your city to warrant a local DITA User’s Group. This version of the list also included Wikipedia links to each of the firms that have a corresponding article in case you want to know more about the firm from an impartial source.

For space reasons I have had to remove the column that listed “Sample DITA Output”. In many cases this is simply “N/A”, so I am planning on adding a new page soon that just lists all known public samples of commercially-produced DITA-based documentation.

Again, much thanks go to the people on LinkedIn and commentators to this blog for providing me with a lot of the information contained here.


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