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Turning the Tables with DITA 1.3

Table Rotation in DITA 1.3

[This blog post was originally published on the IXIASOFT website on July 27, 2015. It is reproduced here with permission]. This is the first in a series of articles examining aspects of DITA 1.3, aimed at content creators and information architects. Please note that the information that follows is based on the draft DITA 1.3… Read More

Interview with Anthony Apodaca about Xeditor

Anthony Apodaca and Xeditor

Recently I was made aware of a new online-based XML editor: Xeditor. Developed by appsoft, it is a web browser-based works XML that works with DITA and other XML standards. I was given a demo of the product by Anthony Apodaca and developer Thomas Werzmirzowsky, demonstrating to me that it is another potential tool content… Read More

Observations from DITA North America 2015, Pt 2

Kristen Eberlein and JoAnn Hackos During their Presentation

[This blog post was originally published on the IXIASOFT website on June 11, 2015 as “What Can We Expect with DITA 1.3?“. It is reproduced here with permission]. The top-of-mind question for nearly everybody at this year’s CMS/DITA North America conference was: “What can we expect with DITA 1.3?” 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of… Read More

Observations from DITA North America 2015, Pt 1

Fiona Hanington During Her Talk

[This blog post was originally published on the IXIASOFT website on May 28, 2015 as “Are DITA Implementations Getting Easier?“. It is reproduced here with permission]. The largest single DITA event in the world is Content Management Strategies/DITA North America (CMS/DITA NA), and this year’s conference in Chicago did not disappoint. While there are larger… Read More

Gnostyx DITA 1.2 (and 1.3) Demonstration Documents

Gnostyx DITA Demonstration Documents

While there are a lot of code snippets and demos that look at aspects of writing DITA, it is still exceedingly rare to find good, publicly-available source code examples of entire documents written in DITA. That’s why I thought it worth mentioning Gnostyx‘s recent posting to GitHub: a demonstration document written in DITA, with a… Read More

List of DITA Optimized Editors

Old Keyboard with DITA Keys

DITA is XML, so any XML editor can be used to write DITA code. But that doesn’t mean every XML editor is best suited for the job of producing DITA. As DITA has grown in popularity in the technical writing field, the market has matured and a number of XML editors have appeared that are… Read More

Using DITA? You’re in Good Company

Using DITA? You're in Good Company.

A longer version of this piece originally appeared in the December 2014 issue of CIDM’s Best Practices Newsletter as “DITA Diversity in Technical Documentation”. The full version (PDF format) is available courtesy of IXIASOFT. While we are still far from seeing DITA as the default choice for technical documentation around the world, what is apparent… Read More

DITA Consultants Listing

List of DITA Consultants

When I was updating the Companies Using DITA listing I made a point of double-checking the type of firm claiming to use DITA. I discovered that I had a number of firms listed were in fact in the business of DITA consulting, and so aided their clients in moving to DITA, and realized that these… Read More