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List of DITA Optimized Editors

Old Keyboard with DITA Keys

DITA is XML, so any XML editor can be used to write DITA code. But that doesn’t mean every XML editor is best suited for the job of producing DITA. As DITA has grown in popularity in the technical writing field, the market has matured and a number of XML editors have appeared that are… Read More

Using DITA? You’re in Good Company

Using DITA? You're in Good Company.

A longer version of this piece originally appeared in the December 2014 issue of CIDM’s Best Practices Newsletter as “DITA Diversity in Technical Documentation”. The full version (PDF format) is available courtesy of IXIASOFT. While we are still far from seeing DITA as the default choice for technical documentation around the world, what is apparent… Read More

DITA Consultants Listing

List of DITA Consultants

When I was updating the Companies Using DITA listing I made a point of double-checking the type of firm claiming to use DITA. I discovered that I had a number of firms listed were in fact in the business of DITA consulting, and so aided their clients in moving to DITA, and realized that these… Read More

What I Learned at DITA Europe 2014

Jang Graat Doing "No Copy, No Paste" to the Tune of the Bob Marley Song "No Woman, No Cry"

DITA Europe 2014 was held November 18th – 19th in Munich, Germany. The conference was a great opportunity to connect with other DITA users to share our experiences, knowledge and developments in the world of DITA. Slow but steadily growing DITA usage in Europe I had the honour of co-presenting this year’s keynote alongside JoAnn… Read More

DITAWriter Speaking at DITA Europe 2014

DITAWriter Speaking at DITA Europe 2014

I have the honour of being the co-keynote speaker along with JoAnn Hackos at the DITA Europe 2014 conference happening in Munich, Germany on November 18-19. We’ll be speaking about The Challenges of DITA Adoption in Europe. I plan on presenting my latest survey on the state of DITA adoption—those who attended the IXIASOFT User… Read More

Interview with Luis Linarez: DITA with DITAToo

Interview with Luis Linarez-DITA with DITAToo

On DITAWriter I like to provide a voice for those who are working with their own DITA implementation, and the particular issues that they face. All technical communication groups face their unique documentation situations, so the tools needed for the job will vary by need. Mr. Linarez’s technical documentation group opted for DITAToo, an “up-and-coming”… Read More

Which Tech Writing Tools Are the Most Used?

Analyzing the Results from the WritersUA 2014 User Assistance Tool Survey

Analyzing the Results from the WritersUA 2014 User Assistance Tool Survey This past Saturday WritersUA came out with its 2014 User Assistance Tool Survey, based on a wide-ranging poll of those working in the technical writing field. If you look at the WritersUA page it simply displays the raw poll results without any analysis. It… Read More