Webinar Presentation: Getting Change to Happen-Enterprise Communication

JoAnn Hackos
JoAnn Hackos
Somehow I missed the first part of this three-part free webinar series, but JoAnn Hackos is presenting tomorrow (September 20th @ 1pm EDT) on Enterprise Communication. The Webinar series is being presented by the folks at Data Conversion Laboratory (the same people who hosted my own Webinar not so long ago) and JoAnn is a terrific speaker.

There’s no overt mention of DITA anywhere in the promotional material, though I would expect it to at least get a mention. She will undoubtedly also talk about the latest results from her researches, which is why I am planning on tuning in tomorrow.

Here’s the official blurb about tomorrow’ talk:

“In this presentation, Dr. JoAnn Hackos, President of Comtech Services, Inc., discusses how to communicate the need for change to your organization and to the larger corporation. Many changes require the support of senior management, especially the involvement of a high-level champion. Changes need to be communicated across a middle-management chain so that colleagues who you interact with know what is changing and why the change is necessary. Most importantly, your own team members need to understand the importance of the change, often discovering that their old habits of working are no longer appropriate.”

Registration info here.

For Part 1, the YouTube video is already available online.


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