Five Highlights from DITA tcworld 2016

Jang Graat with the Live Band on Stage

One of the final technical communications conferences in the fall is the biggest: tcworld which draws in over 4,000 attendees, mostly from Germany and across Europe. I came to the conference with some trepidation given that, last year, DITA experts and vendors attending the show got a largely frosty reception, with German CCMS vendors bonding togetherRead More

Information Architecture Presentation at the École normale supérieure in Lyon, France

École normale supérieure de Lyon at Night-time

Earlier today I delivered a presentation called “The Evolution of Information Architecture” at the Colloquium on Information Architecture being hosted by the École normale supérieure in Lyon, France. The presentation ran for just under an hour, followed by a half hour of good questions, primarily from the students who are taking the Master’s program inRead More

DITA for FrameMaker Resources

Though late to the party, Adobe finally got around to doing a full revamp of FrameMaker, bolting on DITA functionality starting with version 7.2, and then fully integrated by version 8 in 2007. Here are some resources for those looking to using FrameMaker with DITA: FrameMaker 8 Deep Dive: though it takes a while toRead More