Sample DITA Files to Play With

Update June 16, 2017: for a good, fairly comprehensive and freely downloadable set of sample DITA documents, I highly recommend checking out the Thunderbird documentation set on GitHub. For more information on what is there and how to access the DITA source files, see my article about it.

While there are many companies producing docs that use DITA XML, there still aren’t many examples of DITA-based source code (as opposed to the processed HTML/PDF output) to play with other than the simple “garage sample” that comes with the DITA Open Toolkit.

While other examples are few, they do exist.

One example is the documentation used for the open-source Apache Derby relational database software, which provides information on how to access its DITA-based doc source code.

Courtesy of the folks behind the DITA2InDesign plugin there are several extensive DITA source code examples derived from Project Gutenberg ebooks:

If anyone knows of other DITA source code examples, please add them to the comments section below.


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