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Companies Using DITA

Companies Using DITA
Companies Using DITA
One new addition to the site today: a list of companies that are on record for using DITA to produce their documentation. Since I am currently looking for a position at a firm that uses DITA, this is partly for my own benefit, but am hoping it will help others who want to target firms that use DITA.

There was a similar list that existed on the site (which was more comprehensive), but that seems to have evaporated (or at least, I can’t find it anymore). So I am trying to create a new version of it here. The focus of this list is also slightly different: it is aimed at firms that produce documentation using DITA, rather than just having membership in OASIS, so firms listed here “eat their own dog food” so to speak. I also try to show some proof that a firm is actually using DITA by providing a reference where someone from the firm has said that they are using (or about to use) DITA in their production documentation efforts. Most of the references so far are either press releases or links to conference abstracts where someone from the firm is talking about using DITA in their document production. If there happens to be a sample document which I can link to that was done using DITA, I link to that as well.

If you want to add your company to this list, please email me with your company name, along with a link to an actual doc that was produced using DITA, or simply leave a comment below. I figure the more examples people can actually see, the more people will understand what can actually be done with DITA.


"DITAWriter" is Keith Schengili-Roberts. I work for IXIASOFT as a DITA Specialist/Information Architect. And I like to write about DITA and the technical writing community. To get ahold of me you can email me at:

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12 thoughts on “New Page: Companies Using DITA

    1. Yes it was Steve who kindly turned us onto it and we are full steam ahead on it now. We use oXygen, No CMS though but we manage fine with Perforce.

    1. Thanks — I have just added Grass Valley to the listing.

      Could you be more specific with regards to the DITA-produced content? There’s a lot of material there, and I wouldn’t want to post something that was not made using DITA in error.

  1. Hi Keith,
    I would like to volunteer to help you in building the list of the companies. Please let me know if you have any assignment for me.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Pradeep Mathur

    1. I would certainly welcome any other additions you might be able to find.

      One of the things I want to emphasize is that where possible, I am looking for *proof* that a firm is using (or will be using) DITA to produce their docs. Also the “eat your own dogfood” principle must apply, so just because a software company uses a tool that can be used for producing DITA-based docs doesn’t necessarily mean that they *are* using it to produce their own docs. (It’s highly likely, but “highly likely” is not proof).

      What I have done is to search on Google for companies that I suspect may be using DITA and looking for a statement from someone at the company that that is the case. I have also combed through the abstract summaries for a few DITA conferences, noting the names of firms that do presentations demonstrating that they are using DITA. I have also looked through the client lists and press releases of firms that produce DITA-specific tools.

      So what I would need in order to add additional firms to the listing is the name of the firm and a link to a reference that they are using DITA.

      Thanks in advance for any additional firms you are able to add to the list!

    1. I certainly would welcome any collaborative effort on this front! I have added a number of firms to the list already based on the numerous responses I have had to the original posting I did on LinkedIn. If you are interested in contributing additional firms, please see my reply to Pradeep further up in the thread as to what I am looking for. Cheers!

  2. Willing to work on listing as well.

    To begin…
    – IBM uses DITA, all of the companies that make related toolkits ‘use’ DITA or train on DITA toolsets (e.g. SDL)

    1. I agree that that is highly probably, but (see my earlier reply to Pradeep) that does not constitute proof. In many ways DITA XML is still the “new kid on the block” and it is possible that other tools/specifications are being used instead (for example, DocBook).

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