DITAinfo Site Uses Open Source CMS to Display DITA

DITAinfo.info Logo
DITAinfo.info Logo
Ran across this on LinkedIn: the DITAinfo.info site has been updated with a good assortment of sample DITA code. Run by Anna van Raaphorst Johnson and Dick Johnson, the site is a mix of structured DITA topics and unstructured, informal content being run off of a Drupal-based open source content management system.

In terms of the structured information information in DITA, there are samples of the well-known “garage” and “grocery” DITA sample code that come with the DITA-OT, along with versions that have been machine-translated from English into German and Spanish. The unstructured info includes a copy of the latest DITA 1.2 Language Reference and the DITA 1.2 Architectural Specification.

Other than the source code on offer that is used to run and compile the site, there’s not much that’s truly new here, but it is still interesting to see a working demo of an open-source CMS running some sample DITA code.


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