“DITA Today and Tomorrow” Free Webinar Broadcasting July 12th @ 1PM EST

DITA Today and Tomorrow Webinar
DITA Today and Tomorrow Webinar

On Thursday I will be presenting a significantly updated version of the keynote speech I gave at the Ixiasoft DITA CMS conference in Montreal last month. This will be a free Webinar, sponsored by Data Conversion Laboratory and Just Systems.

Here’s the official blurb:
It’s been over six years since the DITA specification was officially released by OASIS and people could start using the DITA Open Toolkit. A lot has happened since early 2006, as DITA XML has become the fastest growing information standard for technical writing. Mekon consultant Keith Schengili-Roberts takes a look at where DITA has come from, who is using it, and where he thinks it will be going in the future. In this far-reaching presentation Keith focuses on that portion of the technical writing community that has embraced DITA XML, explores why it has been so successful, and also looks at some of the issues holding it back from even wider adoption. He will also dare to prognosticate on the directions that DITA is likely to be used in the near future.

Registration info is here, and the registration form is here.

It will also be recorded, so look for a link to the recording of it when it is posted. Unlike the recorded version however, if you want to ask me questions you’ll have to attend the live session — so I hope to see you there on Thursday at 1pm!


"DITAWriter" is Keith Schengili-Roberts. I work for IXIASOFT as a DITA Specialist/Information Architect. And I like to write about DITA and the technical writing community. To get ahold of me you can email me at: keith@ditawriter.com.

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