DITA-OT 2 Milestone Build 1 Now Available

DITA-OT 2.0 Release M1 Launched
DITA-OT 2.0 Release M1 Launched
Here’s something that seems have slipped under most people’s radar: a preliminary 2.0 release of the DITA Toolkit. Called a “milestone” build, this version of the DITA is the first reveal of what looks like a significant code revamp, at least when it comes to XSL processing, moving to the XSL 2.0 standard.

According to this post from IBM DITA-OT Chief Architect Robert D. Anderson there is a new
“client” package that has been added which includes a new interface for calling the toolkit. It appears to simplify the build launch process, so that you can build output simply by running dita from the command line. Detailed information on its parameters and how it is supposed to work can be found here.

The other published changes include the following (derived from here):

Feature requests:

  • #1192 Empty

      kills FOP (milestone 1)

    • #1267 PDF support for figurelink/tablelink.style (milestone 1)
    • #1347 Issue with “xsl/dita2xhtml.xsl”? (milestone 1)
    • #1506 New command line tool (milestone 1)
    • #1507 Convert XSLT to version 2.0 (milestone 1)
    • #1511 Use Ivy for dependency management (milestone 1)
    • #1522 Add HTML5 transtype (milestone 1)
    • #1523 Reduce HTML/XHTML code duplication (milestone 1)
    • #1524 Use DITAVAL for print filtering (milestone 1)
    • #1548 Support RFC 5147 in coderef (milestone 1)
    • #1561 Combine chunkedtopic lists into fullditatopic list (milestone 1)
    • #1569 Index capability with FOP (milestone 1)
    • #1601 Change output for rendering a single topic to PDF (milestone 1)
    • #1602 Add plug-in installation operation to integration (milestone 1)
    • #1608 img should be used instead of embed in XHTML output for all image types (milestone 1)
    • #1610 Filtered content leads to total fail of PDF rendering duplicate (milestone 1)
    • #1612 Update Ant to 1.9.2 (milestone 1)
    • #1614 ant build should not bail out when fop directory has no lib folder (milestone 1)
    • #1616 Remove legacy PDF from default distributions (milestone 1)
    • #1509 Remove deprecated code (in progress)
    • #1512 Alternative preprocessing plug-in (in progress)
    • #1544 Use URI and File instead of String (in progress)


    • #1095 Empty tags result in invalid HTML (milestone 1)
    • #1239 Essentially needs XercesImpl (milestone 1)
    • #1247 Enable specifying MathML file as image/@href (milestone 1)
    • #1272 chapter numbering confused when chapters and parts in bookmap (milestone 1)
    • #1407 “Ambiguous rule match” in PDF processing XSLT when <imagemap> is used in topic (milestone 1)
    • #1421 Warnings when converting to PDF with XEP (milestone 1)
    • #1462 Support for <table> rowheader in PDF output (milestone 1)
    • #1486 PDF transform does not apply @rowsep correctly (milestone 1)
    • #1607 Keyref not processed for pushed conrefs (milestone 1)

    If you want to give it a try and see how it performs, it can be downloaded directly from Github.

    For everyone else, the latest stable, production build of DITA-OT is still 1.8, which can be found here.


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