DITA 101 Presentation on YouTube

A nice four-part presentation (PowerPoint slide deck plus running commentary) on the basics of DITA by Sarah O’Keefe of Scriptorium. The whole thing runs about 40 minutes total and is good intro to the topic. One of the things I particularly like comes up in the second part where O’Keefe focuses on DITA’s niche in the technical writing field, looking at its particular strengths and what it doesn’t do well (such as the default output you can expect from the DITA Open Toolkit).  A few code examples are also sprinkled in, and she also has an extended look at how specialization in DITA works.  The presentation is also refreshing free of vendor-bias.

Here’s part one:

YouTube Preview Image

(Man, I really hate the Windows error “ding!” that keeps coming up — so a word of warning to those using headphones!)


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