“Content Strategy 101” Now Out

Sarah O’Keefe Content Strategy 101I received word over the weekend that the folks at Alan Pringle were now shipping “Content Strategy 101”. It was written by Sarah O’Keefe and Alan Pringle. Subtitled “Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset”, the book’s brief blurb is:

“Technical content is often the last in line for investment and innovation, but poor content has profound effects inside and outside the organization–it damages your reputation, shrinks sales, and causes legal problems. Content Strategy 101 is an invaluable resource for transforming your technical content into a business asset.”

For now copies of it are only available in print, but I am told that eReader-friendly versions of it are expected soon. What’s interesting is that the full text of the book is available online at: Amazon.com (click “Contents” to view its hyperlinked Table of Contents). Readers are invited to join in the conversation about the points discussed in the book, with updates posted via Amazon.ca (or email via a form on the web site).

The book is available at all major online book retailers:

  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Barnes and Noble
  • book’s website
  • Perils of DITA Publishing

More online retailers are listed on the book’s website.

The folks at Scriptorium have very kindly given me a copy of the book to review, so look for that here on DITAWriter.com in the near future.

So what does Content Strategy have to with DITA? While it certainly does not have to deal exclusively with DITA, it ought to be a part of the thought processes in moving from any legacy technical writing toolchain to a new one. Definitely good food-for-thought for anyone looking to move to DITA.

The book was written using DITA, and there are a series of entertaining articles on the “Perils of DITA Publishing“.


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