Five Highlights from DITA tcworld 2016

Jang Graat with the Live Band on Stage

One of the final technical communications conferences in the fall is the biggest: tcworld which draws in over 4,000 attendees, mostly from Germany and across Europe. I came to the conference with some trepidation given that, last year, DITA experts and vendors attending the show got a largely frosty reception, with German CCMS vendors bonding togetherRead More

Observations from DITA North America 2015, Pt 1

Fiona Hanington During Her Talk

[This blog post was originally published on the IXIASOFT website on May 28, 2015 as “Are DITA Implementations Getting Easier?“. It is reproduced here with permission]. The largest single DITA event in the world is Content Management Strategies/DITA North America (CMS/DITA NA), and this year’s conference in Chicago did not disappoint. While there are largerRead More