“Content Strategy 101” Now Out

Content Strategy 101

I received word over the weekend that the folks at Alan Pringle were now shipping “Content Strategy 101”. It was written by Sarah O’Keefe and Alan Pringle. Subtitled “Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset”, the book’s brief blurb is: “Technical content is often the last in line for investment and innovation, but poor contentRead More

Upcoming DITA Books

As DITA matures there are more books being written on the subject, aimed at technical writers looking to learn and use it effectively. There are a number of “first generation” titles already out, and I think it’s about time that we see some new entries in the marketplace. Here are some upcoming titles that IRead More

Books on DITA XML

Here’s a book list I’ve compiled — from the most recent to the oldest — on all of the titles I can find that talk  exclusively about DITA XML: Practical DITA by Julio Vazquez (October 6, 2009)  112 pages; also available in print or as downloadable PDF from Lulu.com (note that the version from Lulu.comRead More