Another “Other DITA”

DITA Lychee Liquor
DITA Lychee Liquor, from Pernod
Just about anyone who has ever done a basic search on “DITA” on Google is bound to have seen images not of finely-honed XML, but of the impossibly curvaceous figure of burlesque artist Dita von Teese, former wife of Marilyn Manson. When talking to Bill Hackos he phrased it as a joke, asking me if I knew about the “other DITA”.

But while I was researching some possible questions for a “Stump the Experts” localization and documentation panel at the CSOFT Summit, I went to other regional Google search engines to see what else might turn up when I typed in “DITA”.

And I found this: DITA Lychee Liquor, made by the French firm Pernod. If you do an image search on the Hong Kong version of Google, that is pretty much all of what you will see. (Postscript: at least, when I was over there — I noticed when I tried doing the same thing from home that a myriad of pics for Ms. von Teese came back. The “Great Firewall” somehow at work?) Will have to look for this in the Duty Free at the Beijing Airport on the way back. (Postscript: No such luck).

Delving further, there are some other DITAs out there are as well, including a tony eyeglass manufacturer and a British manufacturer of field hockey sticks.

DITA Field Hockey Sticks
DITA Field Hockey Sticks

Just goes to prove that’s more to DITA than you might expect. 😉


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3 thoughts on “Another “Other DITA”

    1. Thank you, though I confess I am more interested in a DITA field hockey stick, if only because I could wave it around during my next DITA presentation to ensure I have everyone’s attention. 😉

      1. a stick to wave around could easily be arranged.
        Order one online and I will charge you only for shipping. This assumes you really will use the stick as a promotional tool.

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