Congility Releases Free Webinars on DITA and Related Topics

Introduction to DITA Presentation
Introduction to DITA Presentation

While looking for information on when and where the next Twelve DITA Implementations: Lessons Learnedconference will be (still no updates on that front as yet), I found that they have posted a series of free-to-download webinars on DITA, content management and related topics. It’s a solid set of subjects from some leading people in the field; here’s the list:

  • Twelve DITA Implementations: Lessons Learned
    Noz Urbina and Don Bridges
  • S1000D Support in Adobe FrameMaker
    Martyn Davison
  • Creating High Quality, Consistent Content
    Spencer Garlick
  • Single Source Publishing of Captivate into RoboHelp
    Rahel Bailie
  • Single Source Publishing of Captivate into RoboHelp
    Matthew Ellison
  • Introduction to DITA
    Noz Urbina
  • Embracing the Straightjacket: Learning to Love Structured Authoring
    Emma Hamer
  • DITA for Enterprise Business Documents Michael Boses
  • Why Quality Product Information is Critical for Product Success
    Peter Li
  • Flash
    Keith Thompson

Note that they are all Flash-based, and that you need to register for each one. The quality of the sound and video could be better, but the content is genuinely interesting. Safe to say you can expect more posts here based on these presentations.


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