DITA for FrameMaker Resources

Though late to the party, Adobe finally got around to doing a full revamp of FrameMaker, bolting on DITA functionality starting with version 7.2, and then fully integrated by version 8 in 2007. Here are some resources for those looking to using FrameMaker with DITA: FrameMaker 8 Deep Dive: though it takes a while toRead More

Books on DITA XML

Here’s a book list I’ve compiled — from the most recent to the oldest — on all of the titles I can find that talk  exclusively about DITA XML: Practical DITA by Julio Vazquez (October 6, 2009)  112 pages; also available in print or as downloadable PDF from Lulu.com (note that the version from Lulu.comRead More

DITA Online Forums

Here is a listing of online forums I have been able to track down about DITA: DITA Users Group on Yahoo: A very active group which has been around since mid-2004. Good both for the beginner as well as experienced writers, and is monitored by several very senior people in the DITA community, including manyRead More